K-Pop’s mystery man Zion T. delivers a retro, soul and funk album equipped with all of today’s mesmerizing beats, free-styles and new-era swag. The Seoul, Korea native released his debut album Red Light in April 2013 following a number of collaborations with various K-Pop artists. After two years teasing the public with groovy singles like Click Me, Baybay and Miss Kim, the soul and R&B artist released his universally acclaimed debut album; a hit on social medial for his smooth and soulful voice and recognized for his vintage fashion, Zion T’s cult following supports his rising fame.

Red Light is a composite of everything hot in urban sound: free-style raps, smooth hooks and addictive beats. Zion T. stands out from the drill team Korean boy bands.  The sound is a modernized take on various 1900’s blues, adding synth and percussion to the soulful melodies. The song Miss Kim takes the sound to 1920’s blues, a mood looped with catchy beats and funky compositions. His break out song Click Me is rich with witty lyrics and beat-driven vocals; Zion T’s expressive performance demonstrates his lyrical skills combined with excellently produced instrumentals. Another stand out of the record, Baybay, loops stylized trumpets and saxophones to catchy beats, making for another  a moody, laid-back tune. The album’s unorthodox fusion of retro influences and progressive R&B challenges listeners while at the same time holding their attention.

A visual artist, Zion T’s fans appreciate his fashion: short shorts, polka-dot shirts, bowler hats, minimalist visuals, all black silhouettes, and cool stage presence. He is often seen in either monochromatic silhouettes reminiscent of early 1900’s retro fashion or clad in minimal combinations: button-up shirts, short shorts and bowler hats. An overall modern style is eye catching and translates into stylish music videos that fit well with his modern sound. Steering away from overly choreographed numbers and loud visuals, he performs with few distractions–a few back up singers and a live band compliment his smooth flow and calming vocals.

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