I was riding in a taxi for the longest time ever 

I believe that this is the correct translation of this title from Swedish to English language as a result of my careful observation of this music video and the words used in the title.

If I am wrong, Please let me know.

Do you have the time when you all of sudden want to get in a cab?

Yes, I do.  Then I always start listening to this song which makes me feel that I am in a cab in New York City.

I do not know what they are saying in this video, but it seems that they are having a fun time in the cab with a batch of ladies drinking and getting wasted.

I went to New York City about two months ago, and I could not find any cabs like this then. Maybe I was not in the right place at the right time.

They say in this song “Shut the Fu$k up and bla bla “Let me talk to you“.

I could not understand if they are having fun or getting annoyed.

However this song has a certain common rhythm everybody all around the world can get hyped up about.

Listen, Guys!

We present a Swedish rap group “SNOOP

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