How many timeS have you heard his music on THE radio? I have been a fan of his music for about 4 years. He has been creating wonderful and spectacle songs, but especially this music – came out in 2010– caught my attention, more of like caught me off my guard when I heard it 3 years ago.

The melody and the rhythm in this music are the greatest among his other works in my opinion. This song, of course, starts with Akon saying “AKON!” as usual, but what I would like you to focus on more are the voices you hear at the beginning of this song. It makes me feel that I am in the middle of a vast field in Africa.

Here is little background of AKON.

  1. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the U.S.A
  2. He moved to Senegal (he calls Senegal “his hometown”), and was raised by his father
  3. His father taught him a lot about music
  4. As a teenager, he made up his mind to move back  to the U.S. permanently

According to AFRICAN MUSIC SAFARIAkon brought a breath of fresh air into the R and B music industry as a rapper.  Most  rap artists back then were mainly making rap songs to boast about how they are smart in the street (Their street smarts), but his music, on the other hand, is full of loving and losing and loving again, which strikes me that he is truly the man who cares about others and knows how nice and gentle humans can be to each other. There is no right or wrong in how to create a song, but I would like to listen to music that shows some degree of care and loving. His music always satisfies my desire and expectations for music.  

 Here is his song, “OH AFRICA” Check this out ! Welcome to AFRICA!

Stay tuned!

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