#musicweek Dawn Richard Goldenheart Album Review

She’s ready for war; she’s ready for battle; she’s ready to fight: the R&B singer Dawn Richard proclaims her battle with the music industry in her 2013 release—Goldenheart. Ready for downloads and hitting stores on January 15th, 2013, Goldenheart is Richard’s debut full-length album, reaching the No. 1 spot on I-Tunes R&B Chart, No. 137 on the Billboard Top 200, selling 3,000 copies. The former member both of Diddy Dirty Money and girl group Danity Kane is covering new ground as an independent act that is capable of creating top quality productions, top level music videos and a major album release.

Dawn Richard, a New Orleans native, started her career in the music industry as a contestant on MTV’s reality television show Making the Band, when Puff Daddy selected her from her audition at the Apollo Theater. She eventually beat 20 contestants to become one of the five girls who would make up the international pop music group—Danity Kane. Richard and the other five girls of Danity Kane eventually scored two platinum No.1 albums and two top ten singles. After a successful two and a half year run, Danity Kane came to an end. Richard continued her music career with Diddy Dirty Money, a trio comprised of Bad Boy Records Chairman Puff Daddy and Bad Boy Records songwriter Kelena, releasing the critically acclaimed R&B album, Last Train to Paris.

Dawn Richard co-wrote and co-produced all 16 tracks of Goldenheart. Conceptually, the album contains Richard’s life and experiences in the music industry, woven into progressive R&B sounds with allusions to medieval imagry and fantasy. It is a powerful record with songs about hope, love, loss, and war. Her lyrics are poetic and intelligently penned, showing her abilities as a songwriter.

Album highs include the album intro In the Hearts Tonight, the club jam Northern Lights, Riot, Warfaire and Return of a Queen. Richard makes a powerful claim of inner-strength on the song In the Hearts Tonight, she sings, “So get ready for war, Yea get ready for war, Put your battle suit on, You’s a champion, We can never be touched, Ain’t no stoppin us.” The album is littered with references to Richard’s struggle in the music industry, like in the song Warfaire, “I fight a battle everyday, Against discouragement and fear, Some foe stands always in my way, The path is never clear, I get ahead by fighting hard, The fighting keeps my spirit strong.” The undertone of struggle and determination throughout the record is inspiring, making you feel like you can accomplish anything. In songs like Goliath and 300, she makes Biblical and Medieval references that continue her theme and story about struggle, inner-strength and triumph.

Sonically, Goldenheart can be classified as progressive R&B–traditional elements of blues with dreamy electronic sounds and modern synthesizers. It has an atmospheric and experimental sound, much like Richard’s muse and main inspiration—Bjork. The ambient and house elements are reminiscent of 80’s funk and rock, much like Phil Collins and Prince. Mostly mid-tempo tracks, some a full ballads and some full dance tracks, trip-hop elements and beats are eclectically mixed with jazzy and folk instrumentals.

Employing religious imagery, heroic themes, fantasy, epic battles, tales of salvation, world domination and violence, Richard created one of the most conceptually unique albums of recent times, many critics hailing it as one of the best albums of 2013. Richard is pushing the envelop in multiple ways, musically, performance-wise, business wise: creating national indie tours in various clubs and small venues.

Goldenheart is only the first installment of a planned trilogy of albums, the other two being Blackheart and REDemptionheart. Goldenheart was described by Richard as the story of a naïve warrior who came to dominate, win wars and slay dragons. Coming next in the triology is Blackheart, which she claims is darker. It’s the story of a fallen warrior who lost many battles and is now feeling the blood on her hands. The mixed autobiographic and graphic themes propel her intriguing story.

Red Deer International is readily anticipating Blackheart and looking forward to a slew of progressive sounds, edgy fashion and spectacular dance routines.

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OH AFRICA by AKON, the man with A Senegalese background.

How many timeS have you heard his music on THE radio? I have been a fan of his music for about 4 years. He has been creating wonderful and spectacle songs, but especially this music – came out in 2010– caught my attention, more of like caught me off my guard when I heard it 3 years ago.

The melody and the rhythm in this music are the greatest among his other works in my opinion. This song, of course, starts with Akon saying “AKON!” as usual, but what I would like you to focus on more are the voices you hear at the beginning of this song. It makes me feel that I am in the middle of a vast field in Africa.

Here is little background of AKON.

  1. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the U.S.A
  2. He moved to Senegal (he calls Senegal “his hometown”), and was raised by his father
  3. His father taught him a lot about music
  4. As a teenager, he made up his mind to move back  to the U.S. permanently

According to AFRICAN MUSIC SAFARIAkon brought a breath of fresh air into the R and B music industry as a rapper.  Most  rap artists back then were mainly making rap songs to boast about how they are smart in the street (Their street smarts), but his music, on the other hand, is full of loving and losing and loving again, which strikes me that he is truly the man who cares about others and knows how nice and gentle humans can be to each other. There is no right or wrong in how to create a song, but I would like to listen to music that shows some degree of care and loving. His music always satisfies my desire and expectations for music.  

 Here is his song, “OH AFRICA” Check this out ! Welcome to AFRICA!

Stay tuned!

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längst fram i taxin by a Swedish rap group “Snook”. Sick and tired of music in English? It is time to listen music in Swedish.

I was riding in a taxi for the longest time ever 

I believe that this is the correct translation of this title from Swedish to English language as a result of my careful observation of this music video and the words used in the title.

If I am wrong, Please let me know.

Do you have the time when you all of sudden want to get in a cab?

Yes, I do.  Then I always start listening to this song which makes me feel that I am in a cab in New York City.

I do not know what they are saying in this video, but it seems that they are having a fun time in the cab with a batch of ladies drinking and getting wasted.

I went to New York City about two months ago, and I could not find any cabs like this then. Maybe I was not in the right place at the right time.

They say in this song “Shut the Fu$k up and bla bla “Let me talk to you“.

I could not understand if they are having fun or getting annoyed.

However this song has a certain common rhythm everybody all around the world can get hyped up about.

Listen, Guys!

We present a Swedish rap group “SNOOP

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ShinJyuku Barricade – Japanese Vibration

We are so pleased to introduce the second song of Shinjyuku Barricade.

Japanese Vibration

As a Japanese person, this song encourages me a lot especially in the time of trouble. The main vocalist has been through all sorts of downsides of one’s life such as that a company he had been working for went bankrupt after the economic bubble bursted back in 90s, and in addition to that massive change, there was also a change in his family. For instance, his wife started working as a part time worker and his son felt a little lonely while everybody went out to work. He and his wife worked so hard for their kids in all respects.

He sings this song from the his son’s point of view around that time.

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Zion T

K-Pop’s mystery man Zion T. delivers a retro, soul and funk album equipped with all of today’s mesmerizing beats, free-styles and new-era swag. The Seoul, Korea native released his debut album Red Light in April 2013 following a number of collaborations with various K-Pop artists. After two years teasing the public with groovy singles like Click Me, Baybay and Miss Kim, the soul and R&B artist released his universally acclaimed debut album; a hit on social medial for his smooth and soulful voice and recognized for his vintage fashion, Zion T’s cult following supports his rising fame.

Red Light is a composite of everything hot in urban sound: free-style raps, smooth hooks and addictive beats. Zion T. stands out from the drill team Korean boy bands.  The sound is a modernized take on various 1900’s blues, adding synth and percussion to the soulful melodies. The song Miss Kim takes the sound to 1920’s blues, a mood looped with catchy beats and funky compositions. His break out song Click Me is rich with witty lyrics and beat-driven vocals; Zion T’s expressive performance demonstrates his lyrical skills combined with excellently produced instrumentals. Another stand out of the record, Baybay, loops stylized trumpets and saxophones to catchy beats, making for another  a moody, laid-back tune. The album’s unorthodox fusion of retro influences and progressive R&B challenges listeners while at the same time holding their attention.

A visual artist, Zion T’s fans appreciate his fashion: short shorts, polka-dot shirts, bowler hats, minimalist visuals, all black silhouettes, and cool stage presence. He is often seen in either monochromatic silhouettes reminiscent of early 1900’s retro fashion or clad in minimal combinations: button-up shirts, short shorts and bowler hats. An overall modern style is eye catching and translates into stylish music videos that fit well with his modern sound. Steering away from overly choreographed numbers and loud visuals, he performs with few distractions–a few back up singers and a live band compliment his smooth flow and calming vocals.

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Shinjyuku Barricade – Free Bird

Free Bird. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. You still do not know what you are capable of, what  you are designed for.

This song will help you to encourage you and find a way out of normal boring life to the world of full of your dream.

Do not hegitate! Just take an action!

We have en exclusive partnership with this band.

If you are interested in, just give us messege!




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