Robert De Boron,  a producer and truck maker, released the first album in September, 2008 in Japan. Since the first album came out, his music has been smash hit at every turn he created it. Now he is the one of gun in music industry, and no one can ever drug him down from the position for the King of music.  His music has been off the chart  all the time ,winning the title as No. One in Japan and Korea as well. The artists engaging in his music are also the finest among others by a long shot.

It was almost 4 years ago that I listened to one of his music for the first time as I was looking for a music in English. Since I had just come back to Japan from the United State after staying there for a years as an exchange student, I wanted to do everything in English in order not to let  my English skill deteriorate. I was just netsurfing, browsing all kind of websites about Music. There was a song called “Shine a Light part 2” uploaded on one of websites I was looking at, and then I unconsciously pushed “Play”, which I always do whenever I find something relevant to something else I am looking for.

So, the music started.

At the beginning, it was alright, just like another song, but 21 seconds later , rapping started. It somehow caught my attention, and next moment, I was totally into its world where smooth melodies created by a piano , and mixed up with electronic sounds which  made up one unique world I had been looking for. I might have to say that ,to be honest, I did not know there was such a type of music here in Japan in the first place, but when I listed to it, I felt something  running through my veins. It is not something that can be explained in words. The cherry on top is that it was sang in English which was also suitable to my wish to keep developing my English skill, in other words, the song was impeccable to me!!

You might want to listen to it to understand what I meant clearly.

Here is the song.

On top of its smooth and peaceful melody, it is English!

By the way, According to one of articles from Live door News, Masahide Sakuma ,62 years-old music producer , says “Japanese music industry is now on the verge of perishing in all respects. Just a while ago, when there was a music festival, more Japanese artists would always be invited to perform, but nowadays the number of Japanese artists potentially invited dropped down sharply. Singapore is one of developed nations in music industry looking for a country to deal with, however they are not looking at Japan, in addition, they don’t even consider Japanese music as the one that they want to put themselves in the same level to”.

If this is the truth Japan have to face in the near future, It would give a huge headache to Japanese singers and producers. In addition to that, some says “Japanese music industry is not working well now. They will not come back to international stages again unless they will break the language barrier”

Masahide and those who believe Japanese music will be put in a compartmentalized isolation are both right on the MONEY in a sense, but step back and take a look at a big picture, there  are many Japanese artists and foreigners living in Japan, trying to succeed in the world or looking for a oppotunity to the world. For example, Utada Hikaru , a Japanese singer and song writer, made in top 69 out of 200 in the U.S. back in 2009, which was the first time for a Japanese to be on the billboard in the last 23 years.

What was the secret recipe to her successes?

I would have to say that it was done by breaking the language barrier for the most part. As a matter of fact, I had an oppotunity to have one of my American friend listened to her music released in the U.S., he told me that he thought she was American on account of her accent and pronunciation in English, and I made him listen to other music sang by other Japanese musician in English. Hate to break it to you all, but he said ” It is not my cup of tea”. I asked “why?”. “she stroke me as just an American wanna-be, trying to mimic us, but truth is, it is really obvious that she is trying hard to pronounce English words just like us, but at the same time, she has Japanese accents which makes the song sound little weird”.

So now let’s get to the point.

Utada, she made in top 69 which  was the first time for Japanese to archive in so many years, and what is more is that she recorded her music in English, the global language, fluently, and the Cherry on top is that, those who sang in Broken English in terms of accents could not make it in top 200. It comes in obvious that people in the countries especially where English is spoken as the first language, would not listen to Japanese music as long as Japanese artists keep singing in either Japanese or Broken English.

But, wait, take a deep breath. Did you listen to the music I posted above? They are fine and sing in English just like a native speaker, and Japanese artists just like them are everywhere in Japan ,just waiting for the time to come, I hope. It is not too late in my opinion.  Japanese music industry is rather transforming for the next stage than diving into the pit of hell.  Those who have sophisticated English have a potential to succeed in the World just like Utada did in the eyes of the world.

Maybe we just haven’t realized that the time Japanese singers take over the world may actually have been coming to its reality bit by bit.

Alright, Let’s get back to Robert De Boron.

As I said, his music is great, and has a lot of potentials to be successful in the World. It was sad , and I felt helpless when People said that they didn’t know his music. I wished I would have been able to tell them how awesome his music was, and how much I liked.

“Shine a light part 2”. As you can see from its name, this song is just one of series of “Shine a light”. So far, it has 4 series, and they compose a story as one.

For the sake of the development of Japanese music industry and his career, I would like to post all the series of ” Shine a light” here. I hope many of you will find them great enough to be addicted to listen to all the time.

Shine a light

Shine a light part 2

Shine a light part 3

Shine a light part 4

Image 2-19-15 at 11.20 AM

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